Supported Cycling Holidays

All of our tours can be booked as a private supported tour for groups, we also have a list of scheduled cycling tours which you will find below. The tours range from our popular Northern England coast to coast holidays, to island hopping in the Outer Hebrides, or exploring the dramatic western coast of Ireland – also known as the Wild Atlantic Way. We also have supported tours crossing the picturesque North Wales as well as across the expanse of historical Southern England. Therefore all of our tours can be booked as a bespoke supported tour, arranging your holiday to meet your wishes, giving you control of how far you want to ride per day and the places you would like to stop. We of course will help you through the process giving you ideas about where to stop and giving you information on how challenging the route can be.

Scheduled Tours:

  • On our scheduled tours the group size will be a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 16, providing a friendly group size that doesn't feel too crowded.

  • Bed and breakfast is provided at cycle friendly accommodation

  • The back up van will always be close at hand, leap frogging you throughout the day and always only a phone call away. The back-up van will carry tools, spare parts, and will also carry snacks, water, tea and coffee which you are more than welcome to have during your ride.

  • Your luggage will be transported from accommodation to accommodation daily.

  • Transportation back to the start of the tour to help you on your way back home

  • You will be provided with detailed tour notes and maps, and each morning your tour leader will provide you with information on the day's cycling, allowing you to cycle at your leisure.

  • Bike hire is available at £50 per person per tour. All our bikes are 24 speed hybrid bikes, giving you the confidence and the gears to tackle any hill.

  • Our Bespoke Supported tours offer all of the above except the minimum number of people is two.

Coastal Wales Supported Cycling Tour

A four day fully supported tour across North Wales via Wales Coastal Path

Menai Bridge

Join us on this gorgeous tour along the northern side of the Wales Coastal Path, a coast and castles tour with a difference. This is a fantastic tour traversing along the most northern part of Wales. Starting from the port town of Holyhead at Anglesey, the largest Welsh Island, across the North coast of Wales to the walled city of Chester, just inside the English border. It's a tour full of heritage, charm, culture and consonants.

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Way of the Roses Supported Cycling Tour

A fully supported tour across Yorkshire and Lancashire

A beautiful and scenic cycling tour across the great northern countryside from the Irish Sea to the North Sea. The scheduled supported tour is a four day trip with distances averaging a little over 40 miles a day, giving you enough challenge to get stuck into the tour but also enough time to take in the stunning scenery you pass through.

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C2C Supported Cycling Tour

A fully supported tour on the fabulous C2C route

Lake District

Some might say the original coast to coast cycling tour in northern England, the C2C is a classic cycling holiday and a right of passage for some cycling tourers. Our C2C holiday averages 35 miles per day with the longest jaunt being 40 miles on the second day to Aston. A beautiful 140 mile tour taking you through the North of the Lake District National Park and the North Pennines AONB before following the River Tyne to its meeting with the North Sea at Tynemouth.

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Coast and Castles Supported Cycling Tour

Fully supported cycling holidays along the Northhumberland coast and through Moorfoot Hills

Tynemouth Priory

Coast and Castles, a 200 mile supported journey from Newcastle to Edinburgh, one of the classic bike routes in the UK, a stunning ride that is accessible to all. Travelling on the National Cycle Network Route 1 the tour begins in Newcastle where your group follows the River Tyne through Newcastle to Tynemouth and the North Sea. From here you follow the coast up to the Berwick and the Scottish Border. After crossing into Scotland you head inland into glorious Scottish Border country to the town of Melrose. The final leg heads north towards the Scottish capital, through the amazing Moorfoot Hills where you get our first and wonderful view of Edinburgh.

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Snowdonia Supported Cycling Tour

A fully supported tour across North Wales via Snowdonia


Come join us on our four day jaunt over Snowdonia and North Wales. From the Irish Sea to the English border and across, cycling over the largest Welsh island and through the vast areas of natural beauty that is Snowdonia National Park. Sowdonia, known in Welsh as Eryri – the place of eagles, is a place where many bird species can be seen including Ospreys, Buzzards, Hen Harriers and if you're lucky Peregrine Falcons.

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Hadrian's Wall Supported Cycling Tour

Fully supported cycling holiday across the ancient Roman frontier of Hadrian's Wall

Newcastle Quayside

Four days of history, high-jinx and a few hills on our supported tour across the historical UNESCO World Heritage site of Hadrian's Wall. The tour averages around 40 miles a day with the most challenging day a 42 mile journey across the Pennines. This 165 mile coast to coast tour begins in Ravenglass on the Irish Sea and finishes in Tynemouth on the North Sea, taking advantage of the prevailing winds.

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Walney to Wear Supported Tour

Lune Valley Gorge

A challenging fully supported tour - Up Hill Down Dale

Road to Tan Hill

One of the more challenging coast to coast tours in northern England, however with that challenge comes absolutely outstanding scenery along with picturesque towns and villages. This four day tour over 150 miles takes in so many picturesque areas including the Lake District Peninsulas, South Cumbria's Low Fells and the Lune Gorge, the Orton Fells, the Eden Valley and North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Yorkshire Dales and the Land of the Prince Bishops in County Durham with it's beautiful capital Durham. The tour averages around 37 miles a day, with its longest day 46 miles from Kirkby Stephen to Bishop Aukland passing by England's highest inn, Tan Inn.

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Reivers Supported Tour

Carlisle Castle

A challenging fully supported tour - Border Patrol

Forest Kielder

The Reivers coast to coast cycling route takes its name from the part of the world it passes through, mainly the borderlands between England and Scotland, where raiding gangs and clans broke out of the wilderness rampaging through villages before disappearing again into the countryside. These gangs were the reivers who dominated the border and were celebrated and feared with equal measure. Thankfully those days are no more and we are free to enjoy the amazing scenery that surrounds these frontier lands.

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