The northern coast to coast routes are beautiful and adventurous, travelling through National Parks and AONBs, all with their own challenges and rewards, and each one different from the next. From the classic C2C, or the historical Hadrian's Cycleway, the challenging W2W, or the popular Way of the Roses, to last but not least the frontier route of the Reivers, some more challenging than others, while some have more historical interest, but all are routed to bring you through the most scenic areas that the north can provide.


The routes follow traffic free paths, quiet lanes and local roads, they usually begin on the Irish Sea and cross over to the North Sea to take advantage of the prevailing winds – but tours going west to east can also be accommodated. All tours include bed and breakfast, daily luggage transfer, maps and itinerary, and transport back to the starting point for you, your luggage and your bikes. We can also rent bikes and equipment for tourers. Tours differ in their requirements in terms of bikes and fitness – a good road bike can complete some tours but might find it difficult on the W2W and Reivers tour where a hybrid or touring bike would be more comfortable, also a moderate level of fitness will get you through all tours depending on how many days you are looking to complete the tour. Please contact us with any questions regarding bikes, fitness or any other question you have on these tours.


Here you will find links to all of the Northern Tours, providing information on each tour, including more on the route, videos, photos and costs of the different tours and length of tours. Another advantage of our tours is that you decide when you want to start, as well as being able to adapt your tour to suit your needs, including adding extra day at the beginning, end or even the middle of the tour.

  • C2C


    The classic 140 mile coast to coast cycling tour

  • Reivers

    Tynemouth Priory

    173 mile coast to coast tour across the Borderlands